This blog was born in August 2010, and is maintained by an Australian Citizen, living in a blue ribbon liberal seat.

I wish life was simple, but

I prefer hard choices moving forward than clear choices  moving back 60 years.

I have some views in relation to technology, as this is my professional background.

Labour is completely wrong with the Internet Filter – it will never work.   Why should we allow parents to transfer any of their parenting to the government?  What about some personal responsibility – if  you decide to have a child, it is your obligation to look after her/him!

On the NBN, Labour policy is absolutely right (thanks Rudd).  Fibre to the end point is the only way forward, and it is what EVERY developed nation is doing.  Tony Abbott is unfit to lead this nation, on the basis that he does not understand the basics of the new economy.

In case you want to qualify my comments, please refer to the disclaimer below.

1) I have no direct involvement with government at any level, anywhere, any political party or candidate;

2) I will not benefit from the NBN in any special way, except for gaining access to REAL broadband at a cheaper rate;

3) I don’t own any listed shares (Telstra inclusive);

4) I am a Sydney based IT professional with 25 years experience in Australia (20) and overseas(5);

5) My career included senior IT jobs in Australia, including National Telecommunications manager for an organisation with more than 100 sites across Australia and NZ;  I held this job during the deregulation period, meaning that I know a fair bit about what goes on in the COMS landscape;

6) In addition to practical IT experience, I completed a double degree in Engineering+Marketing and have attended a large number of technology and industry conferences and seminars (more than 50 over the years) both as a delegate and as a speaker (including Australia, NZ, SE Asia and Europe).

7) I vote for policies, not personalities, but in general I believe in moderate Liberal or Labour principles – I actually believe that bipartisan support to long term initiatives is the single most important missing component in the Australian landscape.  There is nothing wrong with the government and opposition agreeing on something!

The future is in our hands!

I wish the contest was Gillard x Turnbull


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